Review Offer!

I may not be the most critical of people, but I can pull a certain amount of it. That and at least I can tell the difference between my tastes and general quality.

So, that said, I feel I've been making too many excuses for not reviewing stuff on this site!

So, my only requirements are thus; you must not have more than two reviews, you must have a consistent update schedule, you must have at least 20 updates and finally be active enough to ask me directly here!, other than that, anything goes, put it before me and I shall read through and give a review.

Well, I've currently only got 7 updates, but they're monthly and each are 5-7k words. Riding well on two solid reviews this week so far, certainly wouldn't mind a third. :)

Oh darn.

I meant to type Less than two reviews. Oh well, I guess I can live with that.

Also, I'm fine with less updates if the updates are large Pat. Though, I'd be happier to review something that doesn't have two reviews.

Anyway, I said I was making too many excuses, so I'll read From Winter's Ashes and review it, since you were willing to actually ask.

This could take me a while, or not very long. I'll at least try to get it out before the end of this week.

If you'd be willing to touch something with 3 reviews... I'm about to update my second arc to a professionally edited version. I don't have it just yet, but I will in a week or so. Please don't read the current version!

I might be willing Chrysalis, though for that situation, I might ask for a review exchange.


I've started reading, I'm at 1.2 and I've gotta say, the quality of this is really quite high. Not all to my taste, but the quality is there. genuine merit. Well done mate. Certainly deserves to get recognized. Though if I was so have a criticism it would be that, yes, what the MC has gone through is brutal and haunting, but... it can get a bit... "My family is DEEEEEEAAAAAAD" Batman memejoke at times. That might just be my mind tainted by the internet though. I think it might be laid on a bit thick, but then that sort of thing is really tricky to get right, very common to end up with too little or too much.

That said, it'll be fine as long as you move on somewhat. I'm only at 1.2 after all. So, I'd say you've not done too badly on the grief and haunting.

Ok. I shouldn't double post, but just read a bit further, and my that was some really strong handling of grief combined with wondrous description of magic.

I'd love to do a review, but my reading time is currently limited to the bus / train trips to work and back, and sometimes lunch break. Which means I can only read on my Kindle. If you have an ebook, I'd be happy to review it - on Amazon as well, if so desired. :D

Damn. I'm off by about seven updates.

:P You and me both, t4nky-t4nk.You and me both.

Although if anyone just wants to vote for TOKoR on TWF...

*drops and then runs*

Thank you for the review, @SnowyMystic. Glad you enjoyed the story, and hope you'll keep reading!

Hey SnowyMystic, I'd appreciate a review! I only have one from Alexander Hollins so far even though I've made about 30 updates so far. :) If you could post it in the reviews section where others can read it, instead of here on the board that would be especially awesome.

You've now got a bunch of these requests, so I totally get it if you don't want to review mine, but I figure you've already read some of my serial, because of the April Fool's switching. If you wanted to write a review based on what you read, that'd be cool. But if you don't want to because of the violence and all that, that's totally cool too.

With regards to the requirements: I don't have any reviews, I update twice a week (taking a day off at the end of every arc), I've got over twenty posts, and honestly people probs want me to shut up because I'm pretty active on the forums.

EDIT: There are a lot of ideas flying around the forums, so this might not be something to do right now, but wouldn't it be cool to do this weekly? Have someone volunteer to review the first couple serials that are recommended to them?

I like that idea, @BillyHiggins

maybe a nag in the site update. if it tracks that you clicked the read through link for a story, a few days later asks you to review it?

Alexander, I'm not sure that's a good idea - Amazon does exactly that, and it results in one star reviews from people who didn't even read the story yet, but thought they had to rate it (because of the message).


I'll do yours next, and no need to worry about me not posting in the reviews section. My review of From Winter's Ashes is not in this thread. Might be the weekend when I get it out though, I want to reread what I've read. I did read some of your serial a while back, thought it was enjoyable and as advertized. Though, on the non-writing parts, I hate your buttons and a few other aspects of your layout. At the bottom of an update you have;

Newer Post and Older Post.

Most commonly things have newer post/next post on the right side. This is due in part to most of humanity being right handed, that and how English is read makes it more natural. It is a small thing, but hey, I need to find something to be mean about.

@Billy Higgins

You gave me a bit of trouble you know. It was a bit awkward ending up having to write for such a serious dismal serial, considering my own content :P In the end as you saw I decided to go for broke and remain in the absurd.

Honestly if someone was to object to your story, they should do so on the grounds of the nihilism rather than the violence. I've read and seen(in visual fiction) far worse. Anyway, I wouldn't say I'd be happy to review it, but it is genuinely well written. You get across the soulcrushing depression and stuff quite well. A strong image of a doomed world.

I'll review it after Fooled. I may even reread it ;.;

Also I was actually planning on reviewing more, like maybe once a week at least.

Thanks Snowy! I'll check back this weekend, and I'll also try to see what I can do about my navigation system in the meantime.

Haha, I did very much enjoy your bonus chapter, Snowy. Appreciate the compliment, and yes, looking back, it is pretty dark. Perhaps I was reading too much Wildbow?

I don't know, Wildbow is more just harrowing, rather than really being dark or grim. I honestly think Wildbow is more of a 'softy' than people give him credit for.

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the bonus chapter. I certainly managed to have fun in the end.

That's true. "Harrowing" is the proper term. Honestly, the school bullying and societal ostracization (my computer is telling me this word doesn't exist, but I beg to differ) get to me more than the monsters ever could.

Also, because I realized it might be confusing: I re-titled Future - Past as Godpunk. So don't worry if you're like, "What the heck this serial has disappeared before my very eyes!" You're not crazy -- the thing just has a new name.