Review Request: A Frequent Traveller's Guide to Jovan

Hi everyone!

I started a little webserial last year, mostly out of sheer mortification at my NaNoWriMo or Nothing approach to writing. I figured, with a couple of fun characters and a posting schedule (I hate missing deadlines!) I would at least be able to force myself to write on a more regular basis.

In that respect, it has been really successful; I am writing heaps more and I hope my writing is getting better in the process. However, no woman is an island, and I am now turning my thoughts towards perhaps convincing people OTHER THAN me to read it. ;)

Unfortunately, the last time I ran a website, it was during that halcyon time in the early noughties when .nu domains were cool, and we were all making shrines to our favourite anime characters. So. I am slightly bewildered by the entire process. I gather from other posts in this form that it would not be entirely out of line for me to request that some kind souls with a bit of spare time and a penchant for slightly silly fantasy adventure webserials might check my humble piece out and perhaps consider reviewing it?

Thank you in advance!