Review Request: A Frosty Girl's Cure

Tonight I posted the last episode of A Frosty Girl's cure, completing the series after 40 chapters, 140,000 words, and spanning 9 months. Which seems fitting, as it has taken some serious labor for this act of love to be completed.

A Frosty Girl's Cure is the story of Terry, a clone with an inability to age or die. Her search for a cure leads her to a life of crime fighting in City, California, to the edges of space, and even to an alternate dimension where superheroes don't exist.

You can check out the story profile here:

Or you can jump into the prologue here:

A Frosty Girl's Cure is a sequel to my super villain comedy Waiting for a Miracle, but you don't need to reed the first book to get into this. In fact, you can read the books out of order and you won't really spoil all that much.

Anywho, now that the series is done, I'd like to ask reviewers to check it out and maybe offer a verdict. Thanks in advance to all of you who give it a shot. I look forward to reading your reviews.