Review Request and Swap: Inheritors

Hello! I'm fairly new, but I've been lurking for a little and would be happy to exchange reviews as my serial just got added to the site.

The first arc just finished last night. Here's the link:

The first episode is here:

Any feedback is lovely, and I'll respond in kind if requested! I'm a medium speed reader, so it won't take me forever to get a good feel for what I think about the piece I'm reviewing.

Thank you so much!

I'll shoot a review up at some point in the near future, sure.

Thanks @Rhodeworks

I just started your serial, so I'd be happy to review yours when I've read more.

Feel free! But as always, I don't consider it a swap or anything like that. I just like reviewing things for people.

hey id be up for a swap


Sure, I'll be happy to!

I will start reading yours tomorrow hope to get review done by next week

Finished my first read-through. Have to say, I liked it -- especially the direction it took near the end of Chapter 12. It really made me sit up and wonder where the story'll be going. It'll take me a few days to go over my notes and read a few of the chapters again.


I'm looking forward to your thoughts! I'm glad you liked what you've read so far.

I really like your voice in your writing. I'm only a few chapters in, but it flows effortlessly.


Sure thing! I'll be reading yours soon.


Thank you for your review! It's excellent, and I'm definitely incorporating all your thoughts moving forward. One of the things I've especially struggled with is how long my chapters are, and I've been debating moving to a twice weekly schedule with shorter chapters (essentially splitting them in half). I'm definitely in line with your thinking on your critiques.

Again, thanks so much!

No problem, my friend! It was a good read. Even with the stuff which I wasn't a big fan of, like the video logs and the sex scene, I can see why you have them there and what they mean for Gabe's character (he comes through pretty well, which is why the redundancies stuck out to me). There's some serials I read where I get confused why something is even included.

and posted!

ok @Docmars, my review is up, I hope it's fair to you.