Review Request: Angry Remembrance

Hey everybody! Looking for reviews for my... new-ish web serial, Angry Remembrance:

Brian grew up believing his father walked out on his family. Little did he know that he was a casualty to a war between powerful shapeshifters--a war that Brian is about to be drafted into himself.

Much appreciated. :-) Feel free to plug your own web serial on here for me to read and review. I don't like horror, dystopia, or post-apocalyptic stuff, but other than that I'm pretty open-minded. My favored genre is fantasy, but I've been known to read many other things too!

Just a fair warning I'm pretty darn slow. I'm still working through "Castle Terribel" (great stuff!) and I'd like to get caught up with that before reviewing anyone else. But you will go in my bookmarks and be reviewed eventually, I promise! X)