Review Request - Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium

Well, my story just popped up - <-- link to the submission - I'd appreciate someone taking a look at it and submitting a review, if it isn't too much trouble! I'm willing to go quid qui pro, if you'd like. The story's posted chapter by chapter every Monday at - thanks for reading!

Beleive me, you very much want to check this out.

It's steampunk, sci-geek and really funny. If you like "Girl Genius" or "Hal SpaceJock" or "Brester Rocket" or Pratchett, take a look at this really charming story.

review posted

@Nisp Welcome back - you've been missed!

thanks miladysa :D good to be back, albeit briefly xxx

Arcadia, etc. Is just great. Sometimes we feel a little lonely being the humor wackos in a sea of dark vampires and weirdness, but Robert is pure sunshine. (The good kind that comes in an orange spansule, not that paisley blotter stuff that made everybody think they had turned into freedom fries).

Funny, smart, cool art, higher mathematics... all you could want in a story. (Except maybe horny dolphins, we've got an edge on him there)