Review Request: Castle Terribel

As "Castle Terribel" heads towards the end of its first year, I find myself holding out the hat in hope of more reviews. Please give my slightly wacky tale a chance. Also, we no longer feature the white on black text that so many people objected to, so we should be far more readable!

Well I did read because you linked to it, but it's great funny stuff. I'm at chapter 2 at the moment, and I'm hooked.

I would suggest that 'start here' (the current 'The Entryway' link is not obvious enough as a 'start here' link, sorry), 'previous', and 'next' links be added to each page of the whole project, as well as a static page with all the links in chronological order. Just so it's easier to navigate. Yes, keep the current black-on-white text format.

Thanks for the kind words and advice. I've added the words 'begin here' to the Entryway, as suggested. For the second bit--head down to the bottom of any page and you'll find 'Older Post' and 'Newer Post' links there. (I'm using for this, and I'm not sure I can change that, much as I'd like to. Still, it's not perfect, but it gets the job done.)

As for the present text set up--oh, definitely keeping that. Never any threat of a change.

Here's an example from Arcadia Snips about the 'previous' and 'next' links I mention, at the top and bottom of each chapter:

And its table of contents:

I understand, it's a whole lot of work, but I'm hoping it's work you will only have to do once and then leave alone. All the best.

I'm looking into it, but again, I'm not too sure I can do much about the links on the bottom of the page. (Which again, I do have, just labeled 'Older Post' and 'Newer Post'. I might be able to set up a table of contents, mind you...

Just finished reading Stepdaughter of the Dark Lord. Great stuff! (But count me as one of the folks hoping for a layout change.)

I'm working on it. And thanks for the compliments.

Currently in the process of reading it, I'll post a review when I'm done. It's amusing so far. :-)

I agree with John that his hands might be kind of tied on the layout unless he has considerable knowledge of either CSS, php, or possibly both. ARcadia snips is made with Wordpress, which has IMO a more user-friendly layout.

Maybe you could try another skin, John? Or try googling "blogger edit skin" or "blogger edit layout"? ?

You don't have to know css or php to code links on blogger. Blogger supports HTML. Use HTML link tags and manually make your own next and previous links at the bottom of each chapter. I use blogger as well, and it's quite simple.

Sadly, my grasp on html is... less than excellent. Though if you give me some pointers, I'll gladly take them.

Ah, okay.

At the bottom of each chapter, do this:

(a href="the url of the previous chapter before this")Previous Chapter(/a) and then (a href="the url of the chapter that follows this")Next Chapter(/a)

Replace ('s with <'s, since I had to type in ('s so it wouldn't look like a link on here.

You can type it into your edit post section. Make sure the url includes the http:// as well.


Check out w3schools too!

Thanks for all the help. I shall see what I can do, though I feel obliged to add that I would like to simplify the links that (again) are already provided by Blogger, not put in another set of links entirely. Especially as this would mean a lot of work, and I am a horrifically lazy person.