Review Request - Cloudnigh

Anyone with a free minute willing to review my web serial, Cloudnigh? It's available on

I'm willing to trade reviews =)

I'll cover the site design, b/c the story didn't appeal to me at all.

The site design is clear and clean, and you have a URL that distinctly references the series -- kudos. The logo is crisp and seems to jump off the page. Yum. I like having the latest issue link right on the front page, while the front page itself is metadata about the series. That's a good use of the front page. The colors work well together, and there's even a little art (even more points for having the artwork show up in the favicon). However, I'm not sure what the difference between "summary" and "synopsis" is; the summary link doesn't seem to go anywhere. Also, I think there are too many links across the top, and I'm not sure what order they're supposed to be in: most frequently accessed perhaps?

The individual story pages lose the color scheme of the front page, which is too bad; however, the white on black is the highest contrast that you can get, so no complaints about the legibility. The navigation, while basic, also works and is consistent with the text navigation of the front page.

So to wrap up, the site is well-designed and you obviously put time and thought into it. It gets a solid 'A' from me.

Thank you very much for this. What about the story didn't appeal to you? Tastes, or writing? Thanks again!


I love the design! It's clean, and somehow minimalist but with character. Organization is good, I had an easy time finding my way around. It did freak me out a little that the look and feel completely changed going from the main site to the forums. Are the forums part of another site (it looks like they belong with leophim studios)? If so, I would make it clear that the forums go somewhere else. If not, I would make them look consistent with the site they belong to.

I don't really mind that the chapters look different than the rest of the site. But unlike rhapsody in prose, I find the white-on-black too high contrast. I'd take the white down to a light grey. I'm interested in the premise, but between the super-high contrast and slightly too-small text I'd have to copy-paste the text into another application to read it comfortably. I am interested in the premise though, so when I have some time I will take a look. Did you want a review on webfictionguide? Or just some informal feedback here in the forums?

Also, I'm willing to take you up on your offer to trade reviews. My site is:

A review on webfictionguide would be awesome, since I'm trying to get word out about it. I'll swing by your site ASAP and get reading. I'll post yours on-site, too.

Thanks for the criticism! About the background on the chapters--ideally, I'd have an option to switch between white-on-black or something else, but my PHP isn't really up to snuff. =/

Thanks again!

Spinner -- have you even submitted Cloudnigh for listing on WFG? I don't recall seeing it. If not, you can find the submissions form here:


Thanks, Chris! I submitted it. Lizzy, I'm getting to reading/reviewing your story this weekend.

Hi Spinner, I've written up a review for WFG, but I just have one note for you that readers won't care about:

I'd recommend you find a copy-editor. There weren't a ton of grammatical errors, but some issues with tense consistency, number consistency (Both A and B was C, instead of Both A and B were C), and synonym issues (there/they're, flair/flare...) are hard to find on one's own.

I'm working with another author, so we check each other's work and then we have two beta-readers who find more errors. Our readers have still pointed out the odd typo.

All in all though, an excellent story! I'm going to keep reading. Do you have an RSS feed? or are you relying on twitter for updates?