Review Request - Demons and Deadlines

I'd ask you to review the insanity that is The Life and Times of Car Johnson, but I know what ya'll say. ("Dude, you're insane! That sucks!") So, I'm going to wait on that and ask you out there in forum land to kindly review my less ambitious bit of web-fiction.

Demons and Deadlines is a horror story about journalists seeking an interview of a lifetime - one straight out of Hell. It's fairly short (a little over four thousand words all together), but it seems like a competent little piece of internet fiction fun.

Thank you for your time,


Done and done.

I've been reading the Car Johnson one, and omg I love it! :) I'll see if I can try my hand at reviewing it when I'm done. Definitely going to check out Demons and Deadlines too.

Thank you two for reading my work!:) I really appreciate the feedback and reviews.