Review Request - Dragon Wars

If anyone is willing to take a peek at my young adult fantasy serial Dragon Wars (yeah I know I suck at titles) and give it a review I'd be grateful. Reviews of the site design and navigation (I think I've made it pretty intuitive but what do I know?), and the story will both be gratefully received.



Ok, here's my input. The first thing that caught my eye was the header logo. Whoo yeah, that rocks. However, the rest of the front page didn't seem integrated with that; flames guttering down both sides might be overkill, but you see what I mean -- it would integrate the header with other elements of the page.

The intro text is written in future tense, yet the story is available to read now. That made me do a double-take, and then it made me think that perhaps the intro was for some other story. Sure, I eventually got it, but that initial confusion should be avoided.

At the top right, the html for linking to you seems cumbersome. I don't know how many people do the linking thing, but it'd be easier if you provided a button and just said, "Link to the main page" or something. In my mind's eye, I see a square gem with the colors of the header, emblazoned with DW, kinda like the gems you see on h.s class rings. Besides that, the whole Show Your Support section is a cool idea. I think I'm gonna steal it. :)

The icons to various social media at the bottom made me think that they were broken at first, because I only saw half of them. When I moused over them, they popped up. A cute idea, but the initial confusion is offputting. Maybe if you surrounded them with a ring of fire (cue Johnny Cash) or a square of fire, that would integrate even these with the header. That'd be memorable and unique.

Can't say much about the prose, as it's not my thing, but the black-on-white contrast is legible and it's well-spaced.

Thanks for taking a look. :-)

A few responses (please note I'm not griping or disagreeing, just explaining)

Hmm, to be honest I wouldn't know how to get guttering flames down the side I'm afraid. I have little technical knowledge. Similarly the social bookmark thingy is a wordpress plugin - amending its appearance would be way beyond me.

Link button idea. *winces* I take the point about the example link text not looking great, but I prefer text links - they have more SEO value. Plus if you provide a button people hotlink it and steal your bandwidth. (Yeah, a few bad experiences with a previous site there).

I'm a little confused as to what you mean by the intro text being written in the future tense though. There's one sentence written in future tense "This ongoing Young Adult Fantasy series will span several sub-genres. *updates Mondays and Fridays*". This is technically correct - the story will span several sub-genres, but doesn't yet (it's just fantasy adventure at the moment it genre jumps for the first time somewhere around arc ten (from fantasy adventure to light urban fantasy).

Or do you mean the front page of the whole site, which may be in future tense because I don't think I've edited it recently. *goes to check* Oh yeah, I'll fix that.