Review Request: Enter the Farside

Hi, hello, hey.

Call me Saramoff. I'm the guy that's been writing a web serial for a year. If possible, I'd love for people top review it; pick out any generic spelling errors, typos, grammatical errors, etc. as well as giving an opinion on the story, the aesthetic and appearance of the site.

The best description I've come up so far to describe it is 'a story about the superpowered british police force, arresting eldritch abominations and superpowered criminals, whilst we also look into the journey of a young adult trying to find his way in the world'.

I have 4 narrative arcs finished, usually 8 chapters each with an interlude, and it's currently 186,783 words and going strong. A review, some starts, all appreciated. I'm always keen to hear thoughts and comments.


Original site:

you put blogspot in the post. looks like it should be wordpress?

It definitely should be. Thanks for the spot.

I'm still working my way through it. Once I'm caught up, I will.

Thanks a lot, Ritic. Appreciated.