Review Request/Exchange for "In My Solitude"

Hey there online fiction writers. Our first online serial story just came to an end, which means someone could sit down and read it all in one sitting. Would love to get a review up on this site. The story is unlike a lot of the material on this site as it's not fantasy/horror based. It is more literary/smart chicklit. So the material would likely be of more interest to a female audience. We would consider doing an exchange on review as well.

You can find it at , hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to reading your stuff too!

You should really check what you typed in.

I opened your link, and there was a problem loading page.

.ca is not a (normal) valid domain name thingey, so I thought to change it to .com. Then .org. Still nada, until I realized you spelled secret wrong apparently...

I then typed in secretloft in the browser, which took me to a artistic-development-like place, with enter main site and forum, which looked right...

And got nowhere. The main site popped up this cool thing but had nothing on it, and the forums got a 404 page not found.

So... what's up with that?

Try <-- specifically:

Ahh sorry, yes stupid typo... is correct. .ca is actually valid it's just a Canadian domain name. .com(s) are so hard to get. Good thing I'm not the writer of the stories... I just do the tech stuff, hence the poor grammar and spelling. ;-)

I've managed to read the first ten chapters and been finding it very interesting, so hopefully I should have a review up soon, probably at the beginning of next week at the latest.

Posted a review:

I didn't give it stars because I'm not sure what to give it, in all honesty.

PS: If you want to do the review exchange thing, feel free to take a look at Arcadia Snips--as The Last Skull isn't up yet on the guide. But by no means feel obligated to do so--I reviewed the story because I wanted to, not out of an expectation of reciprocity.

Just to notify you that I managed to get the review up earlier than expected:

A review exchange is not absolutely necessary, but it would be muchly appreciated. :)

Wow, thanks for the quick responses and reviews! It's much appreciated! It will likely take us longer to get reviews up for you but we will try.

@Robert Thanks for the review, It seems like this kind of story really wasn't your thing, I appreciate all of the great constructive criticism it's hard to get get honest feedback. This is a hobby and a new one for my wife. She is not formally trained and is actively improving her skills. In my opinion it's better to put it out there flaws and all, it's the only way to get better.

Oh, absolutely. And I should state for the record--my review was generally meant to be positive (I refrained from scoring because I'm not thrilled with the hierarchy scoring implies--"If you gave this story three stars, and that story four stars, then the latter must be better than the former!"), but since I always start with what I dislike, it probably sounded more negative than it was meant to be. Overall, I thought the work handled the subject matter very well.

One nit--this is a thing I've been noticing more and more in the fiction around here, and it's very minor, but it makes me *cringe* every time I see it: Sentences in quotation marks followed by dialogue tags--you don't capitalize the next word outside of the quotes unless it's clear that the quoted section and the part after it are separate sentences. Example: "Hello," She said -- incorrect. "Hello," she said -- correct. This is true even if the quoted portion ends in punctuation other than a comma: "Where are you going?" She asked -- incorrect. "Where are you going?" she asked -- correct. The exception I noted occurs when the sentences are separate entities: "My name is Doug." He offered me his hand -- correct.

I beg your pardon if pointing that out here is in poor taste--I just imagine it might help if and when you and/or your wife decide to write more stories for the web-page--it's a simple mistake (one which I made for the longest time until someone corrected me), but it's hard to correct after you've already written quite a bit.

"Damn Microsoft Word keeps wanting to capitalize every next word after quotations." He said explainingly.

"Which it won't do, if you punctuate with a comma, as you are supposed to," he added.


"But what if you're finishing up a thought?" He asked imploringly.

Ah, yes, of course: at some point, you have to have your own skill, apart from your tools.

"I was only joshing." He said sheepishly.

Of course, converting from a word processor to a database entry (as is done on our site) tends to lose some of the formatting. I think the skill here is likely the best way to go. That and a copy editor would be fantastic!

Thanks for the laughs!