Review Request: Existential Terror and Breakfast.

Hello all! Would anyone be interested to write up a review for my serial, Existential Terror Breakfast? I am honestly curious about any impressions on it you might have (good or bad). It has largely been an experiment of mine and I am and I would deeply appreciate it!

It can be found here: and is listed on the WFG here:

Thank you for your time!

Gah! The typos in this post are horrendous and embarrassing. I promise my writings are more coherent than this :(

Hello revfitz,

I've read all 14 episodes today and I was pleasantly surprised by this unusual tale. I've liked what I've read so far and look forward to more. I left you a review, capturing my initial impressions.

Thank you Scott! I appreciate you taking the time to both read the episodes and writing up your thoughts on them! It was nice to get some feedback and to see what is working and what isn't.

I have been creating some form of creative content for years and I think that your review was the first feedback meant for other readers that I have got. It's kind of awesome!

Thank you very much for putting the request in! It was well worth the read, a sort of "this is why my life sucks" story that manages to not be interesting because it doesn't drown itself, but garners interest through Malcolm's perception of his own drowning (if that makes sense). I left you a nice review. I'll be watching your progress.


I wasn't expecting two reviews, this is awesome! No, thank you for taking the time to read it and for the review. I'm honestly surprised to see a positive response so far given its unconventional antagonist (boredom). I'm glad that you liked it and it is good to see that the inkblot theme I built is working well with the serial. Thank you again! :D