Review Request: For Riches or More (again?)

I'm not sure what the rules are on re-posts, sorry. But I'd really love it if someone could check out my serial and write a review for me!

<i>For Riches or More</i> is about Devlin O'Brien, art thief and expatriated Irishman, who finds himself on the wrong end of a betrayal after a routine job. When he gets out of prison, he finds that it will take all of his talent, every friend he can make, and some connections he'd hoped to leave untapped - including his ex-wife and former partner, Sarah Ford - to bring down the man who set him up.

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Know what? I'll give you a run later if I can. I'm still catching up from a couple weeks of hell which have really borked my schedule and put me behind on the writing, which has made it impossible to do the other review I've promised. If Murphy finally gets bored with me, I'll be back on track sometime this week.

Maybe make a review swap of it. My second book has gotten, like, zero attention... and I'm already on the fourth...

PS- Chrysalis. Have not forgotten you, either.

I'm a little busy right now, but I've got a review about a quarter finished right now. I'll try and have it done in the next week or two.

Thanks, both of you!

I haven't had my laptop open this weekend and responding to blog posts is a pain via phone. TanaNari, I'm going to start in on your second book (although I should probably read the first, right?). And Knifleman, Outliers is also on the reading list. I'm off the next two days, so that'll help.

You don't need to read the first to read the second. It's an anthology series, with each book having different themes, different characters (well, books 3 and 4 are the same main character and should be read in order), and thus far none of the four books have even taken place in the same state.

... Book three spent most of its time either in Canada or on the moon...

When I get around to sequels to my first two books, then there will be a need to read prior books.

But the first three books are all independent of one another save for the occasional offhand reference to events or characters in a different book.

Tana, just posted your review. Knifleman, I'm tackling Outliers tomorrow (depending on how long it is).


Saw it. Disagree on the discriminatory part- I portray people as people. Some people are better human beings than others. I'd argue I portrayed the rich, white crowd of the story far worse than any other demographic (unless serial killers count as a demographic). Because essentially whoring out your own children for social and economic advantage- and it being so common that you don't even feel the need to hide it- is a special kind of horrible.

But more than that... I have to ask... how do you consider what happened to Cecelia a 'good' end? Having your will subverted by two other minds and turned into someone who willingly consents to what is functional slavery so said two other minds can have a social lubricant and power boost is terrible. Granted, the character in question deserves (and would receive) an execution for her crimes- so maybe a 'better' end than she deserves, but being enslaved so that even the ability to want to resist is stolen from you... is on my 'fates worse than death' list.

@TanaNari The end of that book was a confusing one, I couldn't understand what was happening. I personally thought it was a happy ending , but due to how I didn't understand it that well, I could be mistaken.

Fair point. Next book explores it more in depth... but I guess I've always had a love of the 'it's a good thing until you think about it, then it's horrifying' style of writing. It appears to have worked against me this time.

Still... I thought I put enough emphasis on the Pairbond effect throughout the story that it came across as borderline body horror even at the best of times (re: mommy and daddy).

Maybe it's a values dissonance between myself and the audience, but I find being forced to do things by an outside power reaching into your mind and reprogramming your feelings manually to be a profoundly disturbing concept. I always thought it was one of those things most people agreed with me on.

Well, that's the beauty of a review: you get one person's opinion on the story, and in this case, there was a different interpretation. :P

Oh, absolutely. Doesn't stop me from wanting to see where the dissonance lies, however. I feel one of my greatest strengths as a writer is adapting to the PoVs of others.

Guess all the zombie films and Lovecraft imitations (sorry, tributes) have sorta desensitized people to the subject of mind altering body horror. Especially when it's of the 'it makes people HAPPY slaves' variety.

You can always make some adjust the writing to make it clearer if you want to take gloomy's feedback on board. That's more beauty, this about the serial format. :)

Well, that's the plan, but I gotta wait for him to respond, first. :p

Just as long as you don't ask for the review to change! Good luck! :D

@Tana Nari

As far as I can remember, the Pairbond concept only started getting explored quite late on, and it was vastly expanded from it's first appearence, where it just made the people's powers stronger. I do not think it was that well explained, it was confusing for me. This is my personal opinion though. I must say though that I think your second book was much worse than the first. It was much more confusing, although the issues raised are thought-provoking.

@ Tartra... Yeah. I'll never again ask for honesty from an SJW. That was dumb as hell of me, and I've learned better.

@ Rincewind... Huh. I coulda swore I covered it early on as both a power boost, and a means by which emotions are shared between people. Amanda's chapter was right there at the beginning and showed just how important and powerful the bond could be. Empathy bordering on telepathy, alongside a significant power increase.

I admit it was near the end when Chloe came out with the word "soul mates", but it's a concept familiar enough to our culture that the brush should have at least given an idea of how powerful it was.

That and Granny's ramblings. Those were fun.

Who's an SJW?

I re-re-read gloomy's review. Are you sure he wasn't being sarcastic with the bit about a happy ending? 'Cause it's got that standard kind of wind-up with the whole 'well...' thing leading into it.