Review Request: For Riches or More (End of the Line Edition!)

This past Tuesday, I posted the last chapter in "For Riches or More," the first of three planned web-serials in a connected story about art thieves, criminal masterminds, and the ties that bind them all together.

I got two very helpful reviews from Tana and Knifleman a while back (thanks again for those!), and I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone else wanted to check it out and leave their thoughts here or comment on the pages itself. If not, cool beans, but there's no harm in hoping!

(Link should be in my signature.)


Incidentally, I've finished the sequel to the novel you reviewed (plus one more) since back then. I think I addressed the points you made well enough, so thank you for the feedback.

As soon as I put the finishing touches on these recaps, I'll hop over and check out the new novels!

I'll give it a read and post a review. Should be up in a week or so.

Congratulations on getting that last chapter up, Gloomybear. I liked your author's note - and I think you set a pretty impressive pace.

Walter, that would be amazing of you on two levels. One: if you were somehow able to read through that particular monstrosity AND write a review in a week, you should be eligible for some sort of Review Awards. Two: it's always amazing when anyone reads anything I've written, at any pace, and then feels moved enough to review it.

Shae, I appreciate that. I generally HATE writing about myself or what I'm personally thinking, so the Author's Note was me trying to step a little bit out of my comfort zone. Glad to hear that it didn't come off entirely like ranting.

Congratulations! As someone about to start, guys like you are an inspiration.

@gloomy: Ok, maybe I was optimistic with the timeframe on it. I didn't realize just how much you had written. Still, I'm enjoying it, so expect that eventually, in the fullness of time, a review will emerge.