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My brother Alex and I just finished setting up a fiction website at that will tell a story over the next two months. It's the website of a scam artist selling Posthumous Vanity Publishing services to grieving families until he (and a rogue group of UCLA professors)gets caught by the District Attorney. An hour after we finished I found this website, so I hope to check in frequently to share ideas.



I hate to reign on your parade, but District Attorneys don't prosecute crimes dealign with the publishing industry. They all have their own private law enforcement branch. Good effort, but you should do more research.

Have no idea what you're trying to say there (like what does "dealign" mean?) But it's you who needs to hip up, I'm afraid. There is no such thing as a "private law enforcement branch" for publishing.

On the other hand, I don't see anything illegal about selling posthumous vanity pubs. Hell, why would it me more illegal than pre-humous vanity? Unless it's a fake-consent scheme, ala "Paper Moon".

This sounds like it could be fun (or not). I'll give it a look.

Okay, I took a look. Damn! That is a pretty cool conglomeration of whatever the hell it is. The whole interlocking sites and tongue-in-pokerface-cheek thing is cute, love the little graphics, the whole concept is very neat.

My only problem (and I doubt I'd be the only one) is trying to penetrate. It's hard to dig the story out of the barrage of depostitions and posts and stuff. Sets a pretty high bar for the reader who falls by.

So maybe it's a little TOO cute and clever. I'll take another peek when I get more time. But I gotta say, when somebody says that, it's a bad sign. Kind of the opposite of "grabbing the reader".

Good luck with this. It shows a lot of work and a lot of ingenuity.

FYI, douglas44 brought this thread back to life 3 months after the initial post. ;-)

You can find the listing for The Hayfield Forever here:


This is either WAY cool or REALLY messed-up. We're still working on figuring that out. But gotta say, the "bible" looks great. The whole character constellation, set-up, the delivery as a deluge of notes and such. Gotta read more of this. It's not very inviting, but it's WAY cool.