Review Request: From Winter's Ashes

From Winter's Ashes is up and running strong, with six posted chapters so far and another coming on the 1st of May. The website format is comfortably finalized. So I'd like to invite the fellow forum members here to have a read and then go write a review up on Web Fiction Guide.

Thank you very kindly for your time and effort.

- Patrick Rochefort

I'd trade reviews.

Sounds good, @JDT. I had a chance to read through your serial and I rather like it, so it'll be a pleasure.


Thank you, @JDT. A pleasure!

Would anybody else like to review From Winter's Ashes?

@ PatrickRochefor

Can't review, but I've read it.

Ravenloft done right. Well done. I'll hang on the locker come May first.

Hey, just want to say, much respect for the 'full disclosure' thing. I know some people would leave that part out, and I like that you didn't.

@Wildbow: Thanks! I think it's just fair and square dealings to let readers know when possible conflicts of interest exist like that. By the by, are you still doing the "Post ten chapters of your web serial and I'll plug it" thing?

Not so much. That was primarily for fans in the mid stage of thing, but too many wound up posting 10, getting to the twelfth and then quitting, leaving me doing more cleanup than anything else.

I do have a sort of tentative deal with some authors in the #Brennusverse chatroom where I'll endeavor to give their serial a look (and ultimately a review?) if they take the time to review some stuff on WFG that hasn't had any attention yet; going through recent-ish submitted stories and finding the ones without any reviews/star ratings and reviewing them. My mindset being I'd rather see more serials get attention, and I already get enough reviews as a whole.

All that said I've been busy lately. I'm hoping things settle down soon and that I can make the time to get back into reading & reviewing serials.

Like so many things in this world, or any world, it is reciprocal. While encouraging you to do something you were going to do anyway, such as posting your own work, is all well and good. It is the networks we forge between us that improve the community.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our own works that we neglect the rest of the world, in favor of focusing on improving our craft and gaining readers.

Bow's deal, is not a deal. It is an understanding and a plea, almost, to encourage all of us to do better at reaching out.

Web fiction needs support and who better to give it that the authors?

These days, the only times I get around to reading anything is on the way to work / from work or during lunch break - on my Kindle. I don't have a tablet, and my phone is an ancient relic that should be in a museum somewhere. :( If anyone whose story was published as an ebook would like a review from me, send me the file! I'd happily leave one on Amazon, as well.

Right on! To put us back on track, if anyone else is interested in reading and reviewing a fantasy noir webserial, come have a read of "From Winter's Ashes". :)

@ PatrickRochefort

A clarification. When I wrote that I can't review I meant that literally. I've looked for, and failed to find, an interface on this site that would allow me to write a review. With a master in comparative literature and my thesis focused on fantasy, writing a review wouldn't exactly be burdening. Especially as it's been a damn good read this far.

Btw, I can't but help comparing with 'Camp Permafrost', even though that nod to Bujold goes in the direction of SF rather than fantasy.

@Sten. When you are on a story's page, do you not see this:

Have Your Say!

Bookmark it:

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Rate it: ?

Review it . . .

If you click on Review it a box should come up in which you can type the review.

@ Fiona Gregory and PatrickRochefort

I found the link from the initial request in this thread and have submitted a review.

I'll have a more thorough look-around to see if there are other ways to find a story's page here. Currently I've used the review-links from the top-navigation bar. While these enabled me to find the wordpress page for the story proper, I couldn't find any info about voting and reviewing.

Thank you kindly, Sten! :)

Well, it's closing in on 5 months since the last review of the story. Anybody want to take a fresh kick at the can, now that the story is well past its opening acts?

My schedule has been crazy lately, but I should be able to get to it this week.