Review Request: Last Mage

Just realized I posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Please see below:

Hey, folks. Just checking in here to request a review or two of my work: "Last Mage". Chapter 6 ends the first act of the story. I really would like to have a few more people peek their peepers at the work.



Hey, I thought I'd bump this. I'm still looking for additional reviews of "Last Mage." Also, I'm willing to reciprocate.

You know, I realize I'm being a sad little socialist, here, but, honestly: if you want readers, be a reader; if you want reviewers, be a reviewer. It's a small community, and relying on other people to maintain the commons doesn't tend to work very well.

And for you capitalists out there, you can be quite bloody-minded about it, too. I know for a fact that I picked up readers from WFG by *reviewing*, not by having a listing here. It's the best way to keep your name (and, by extension, your listing) on the home page.


In fact, I'll make it easier for everyone. I'll add a link directly to the reviewer's latest listing (if they have one) to their reviews.

Chris, thanks. I'll go ahead and work on some reviews. Still, though, I don't think there's any problem with my simply asking for a review. Thank you for your advice on other methods of doing so.

Chris, thats a FABULOUS idea.