Review Request: Mirrorfall

As I mentioned in another thread, I just finished Mirrorfall Book #3 (Mirrorshades), and in the little break before I get back into Book #4 (The Grey Edge - basically a "masochistic love story between a magpie and an angel"), I thought this would be a good time to get a few more reviews, and a few more readers. :D

Mirrorfall, for those of you who haven't heard of it is basically an urban fantasy written for geeks - the main character is a code monkey, who gets recruited by what amounts to the supernatural-MiB, there's a department full of gamers who spend all of their off-hours playing WoW, designing games or making alarms that go off when certain webcomics are updated.

At the moment, there are three completed books (Mirrorfall, Mirrorheart, Mirrorshades), with the fourth already ten chapters in (as there was a little crossover with the second half of Mirrorshades), a handful of short stories, and a lot more updates to come.

Oh, and you'll need the link: Mirorfall: The Series

I've finally started the series (I'm a procrastinator) and done a review about my initial impressions. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon enough and be able to revise it to look at the complete picture. I just wanted you to know someone noticed the request. :)

Thanks so much for the review. My face currently looks like this: :D

And don't worry, lots more information will come, to answer the questions hinted at...however, it will also open up a lot more questions, so you'll be back to square one. -_-