Review Request: Music Masters: CD One

Pretty new to this place, but it seems pretty extensive.

I'm totally willing to take a look at other writing in exchange, but I'm very much interested in opinions and thoughts for the story I'm working on.

It's separated into arcs, with three of them being done so far. It's quite long so reading and reviewing the whole thing is ambitious and not necessarily expected. If anything, I'm interested in hearing opinions of the arcs as a separate entity since it's still in progress.

Thanks again from anyone and everyone!

hey I would be up for swapping

I'm certainly not against it, but the formatting on your site is a little confusing. How many parts are there to this story so far?

8 (how so by the by) (I like your first chapter by the by)

I'll make my best effort to take a look within the next few days and give you my thoughts!

and ill try get you mine by next week

I don't usually bump, but I have a much more professional and nice site now! Please post all thoughts on there from now on, Wattpad will just be a mirror.

As I said before, Docmars, I will certainly get to your story soon. My apologies for being held up.

nice site man

also no worriers man

so I finished the review I'm going to post when you get listed. (it is positive don't worry)

Ha, it doesn't have to be.

I see you're posting on the chapters! I look forward to your thoughts!