Review Request: No Where

If anyone has the time, I'd love reviews and feedback on my web fortnightly serial, "No Where." It's a mystery-thriller focusing on a man named Josh as he struggles to keep his troubled son, Ben, safe from a pursuing force that he knows little about.

I have written 4 installments so far, totaling approximately 13K words. Much more to come!

This has now been accepted by WFG:

I am still looking for reviews, if anyone is willing.

Hey healyb, I just started reading, and it's great so far - very intriguing! You do have a problem with some ' formatting that needs to be cleaned up.

Hey Fiona,

Thank you! I do need to go through the work and give it a good once-over, sorry if anything broke the flow. I am working on the next release, which will be the biggest of the grouping and the most action-y. I'm enjoying writing it!