Review Request: Once Giants

Hi all,

Just launched my site found here: Would appreciate some feedback as its the first site I've put together--ever. Please let me know if you feel like something is missing, or if you have a suggestion for an add on or if something just plain doesn't work.

Also a big shout-out and thanks to Lori Erickson author of Graves for letting me borrow from her site design.

My thanks in advance!

It's a nice site. Could do with a link to the first chapter on the front page.

Who did your artwork?

Aw! You're welcome, of course. Although I should probably reiterate *my* thanks from a year or so ago when I launched my site, to all the people here whose sites gave me ideas for mine. I didn't use any particular one as a template, but I spent the better part of a week browsing the sites of people here and taking notes. I owe a lot to this awesome community. ;)

I can't really say a lot about your site without sounding like I'm bragging up mine, but I checked it out when you announced the launch on Twitter so I feel like I should say *something.* It looks clean and all the links I clicked worked fine. I already told you I loved the artwork. I remember starting my site and feeling like it was too "empty," but that changed over time as I saw new things and added bits and pieces, so I'm sure you'll do the same. @knifleman reminded me a couple of weeks ago that people like having an RSS feed. It doesn't look like you have one. (I didn't for the better part of a year.) I don't recall having a lot of issues figuring out how to set it up (I think it's a widget), but if you want/need help figuring it out, let me know.

Looks good!

How about a link to your Top Web Fiction vote page? Useful info to include with that (I've found) is that no signup required and voting refreshes weekly (and that trying to get wildbow off the top spot for more than a few hours is impossible).

@Team Contract:

Is there a way on the intro page to click and jump to the first chapter? I saw that there were "recent chapters" on the right, and obviously you can navigate there with a bit of clicking around, but you might want to add a "Next" kind of button that takes you to page one, in just the same place that it'll be for all of your installments.


Hey, still, congrats for getting top score even for just a few hours.

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the great feedback thus far. You guys are all very awesome :)

@Stable The character figures were commissioned as individual sets from Jose Augusto. I'll drop a link to his deviant art page when i find it. Really great artis. The banner was put together by my writing partner Garan Mad who is an artist himself. I'll drop a link to his stuff too. He'll also be making the covers for when/if these novellas get turned into ebooks, which is the ultimate goal. Because the stories are based around the characters, the covers will feature the character as the centerpiece with differnt backdrops. Each figure also comes with like 3 or 4 sets of clothes that we can apply as layers to make new looks for each one.

@LEErickson Thanks for the tip on the RSS feed, although I've seen them, I have to admit I have no clue what the heck they are! (I'm so anachronistic! You'd wouldn't think I write Sci-fi sometimes!) Anyway could you explain what it is and what it does? Thanks again!

@mooderino Good idea! Thanks!

@Walter @Stable A link is there on the home page but it's burried way down in the text. I'll add a menu option for it as well. Thanks for that tip!

Promised Links

Hey, you don't have to explain to me. I count on my younger friends and my kids to keep me in the loop. As mentioned, it was one of those younger friends who brought it to my attention to begin with.

Someone else here will have a more thorough explanation, but as I understand it, people use RSS readers (such as feedly) to aggregate the blogs they follow to one place. Then when one of said blogs updates, it shows up automatically in their reader. No need to remember to go look for an update. Putting the RSS feed link widget on your site lets them one-click and add it to their reader. (Note there are two different Wordpress widgets that say RSS. One is to add other people's feeds to your sidebar, the other is the one that puts up a link for yours so other people can click on it.)

Thanks Lori! I se why its useful to have. I've added it :D