Review Request: Safe as Houses

Hi folks. I've brought Volume II of "Safe as Houses" to a conclusion and, after a 3-week interlude, am about to launch into Volume III, tentatively titled "Homes." I'm trying to write thoughtful, intelligent vampire fiction and I'd love to hear what people think! Fiona, thank you for your brief, positive First Impression. I'd love to hear more whenever you have the time.

Here's a link to the first story, a stand-alone prelude:

Start of the story proper:

Table of contents:

Thanks so much to everyone for your time and interest.

Michael, your story is on my review queue, but there have been enough new entries recently that my queue is very long. I will hopefully be able to get to yours in the next few weeks.


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

Thank you, Palladian. As you can tell, I'm still trying to learn how things work here. I appreciate how consistently nice everyone here is.