Review Request: Sanctioned

I've been asking at the end of each post for a review, and not received any. I wasn't going to post here until November, but I figure some people might want to review swap, and November is nanowrimo.

Sanctioned is currently 25 chapters, split between several POV characters and following several different plots at the same time, so it's kinda hard to sum up here. Essentially, it's alternate earth, with superpowers, government controlled heroes, and the main POV characters were rejected from becoming superheroes.

Stacey is investigating the death of the country's most famous superhero. Beki accidentally changed her gender and can't change back. Lexie is trying to stop a pseudo-zombie apocalypse. Ashleigh has ended up on the run.

There's not actually been any superheroes in it so far, and only a couple of fight scenes, so it probably isn't your typical superhero story.

Anyway, I'd really like some reviews, and I'm happy to trade.

I'll post a review if you review my second ebook. ;) It only has 1 review total on ... :(

Or alternately I could provide some in-depth feedback in private. Whichever you prefer.

I don't think I can review on, only on - that any good?

You can, I buy on and write reviews on .com all the time. Just go to the .com site and click on 'write a customer review', the button is at the bottom of the prominently displayed reviews.

Because there's only one other review, would you send me the feedback in email instead if the review is 3 stars or less?

Sure, no problem.

Yeah, I'll leave a review. I have... uh, three (?) other serials I need to read/review right now, though, so I can't give you a timeframe on it.


I'll give your story a read. I don't need lots of action scenes, just a good character driven story, which yours sounds like it is. Would you be interested in a review swap? Mine is rather long, spanning over three novels, but you only have to read enough to satisfy what you need for a review.

Thank you, everyone

Chrysalis, I'll read your book 2 probably next week or the week after.

Knifleman, I'm pretty sure you're the November #SerialBookClub serial, and I always review the book club serials, so I'll do yours then :) (well, I say always, I've so far reviewed antlers colorado).

Scott, I'll read/review yours probably after Chrysalis and before knifleman.

Sorry, Josh, Outliers is in January. Graves is in November.

Sounds good, Chrys. I'll start reading Sanctioned in the next couple of days ;)

I'm pleasantly surprised so far.

Btw... is it me, or is there a Ranma 1/2 reference in the third chapter? XD

There isn't, because I had to Google that, but I can totally see why you would think there is :)

Oh, I was sure it was intentional because of the 'water power' reference... XD

Chrys, my review is posted. Thanks for sharing this story. I've enjoyed it ;)

I dreamt I checked in this morning and there were five horrible reviews, ripping the story apart and telling me to never write again, so that was a fun start to my day.

Thanks for the review, Scott. I'm glad you enjoyed what you've read so far :D

Just left you a review, Chrys :)

Thank you. I'll do you one in a few weeks - I've got a few others to do first :D

@ChrysKelly: Look on the bright side. You dreamt that you had five reviews! I'm sure serials invading your dreams is a sign of something.

How is that a bright side?