Review Request: Shadow - Monsters, Machines and Mad Scientists

My Steampunk Fantasy series, 'Shadow - Monsters, Machines and Mad Scientists' has just been added to the listings and I would be most grateful to anyone with the time and inclination to give it a quick browse and either tell me what you think, or post a review on the listings page.

Read it if you like a quick read, adventure, slightly mad characters, a dash of humour, a bit of intrigue.

Don't read it if you're looking for great literature. This is definitely for entertainment rather than enlightenment.

Thank you.

Oh, the link would be good idea, wouldn't it?

Still desperate for a review. Please consider Shadow if you're looking for something new to read.

Thank you Gavin for you your kind, but fair review. It is really most appreciated.

Oooh. The blurb, it fascinates.....*makes a note to read*

@Seraph -- you're welcome. That's 5 out of 9 this month, I should review more often.

Not deep enough in for a full review, but I'm liking what I'm reading so far!