Review Request: SkySight

I've currently uploaded about 40k words of my new web novel SkySight. Would love to get some opinions. Or even just readers :)


A city of the future. That's what they called Agona; the isolated experiment, built for efficiency and technological integration from the ground up. Cameras and microphones are everywhere, super computers buried beneath the city serve as processors to judge the actions of everyone living within it, dealing out real life karma.

For years, peace reigns. The city is the envy of many, a place of prosperity and wealth. Then a number of trains malfunction, being routed through the city's blue external barrier, and the game begins. Gaining positive karma no longer gives discounts on goods, it gives otherworldly abilities, supernatural powers.

But gaining negative karma gives those same abilities as well.

The barrier surrounding the city becomes charged, turning anyone who wishes to leave into a pile of ash. Forced into the seemingly impossible game of good and evil, the new residents of the city must decide which side they're on or remain helpless.


Sounds fun. Give me a few days, and I'll get you a review in.

I may have jumped the gun a bit, didn't realize how long the queue is for the site, might be a few more months till it gets added.

I'd still love to hear your opinion, and anyone else's opinions, if you do read part of it!