Review Request/Swap: Don't Feed The Dark

I finally have a little free time to do some reading/reviewing.

If anyone is interested in reviewing my apocalyptic serial, Don't Feed The Dark, I would be willing to swap reviews. I realize my story is quite long so whatever you can read that will give you a enough to write a review is fine. T

My story is tagged as a zombie story, but I wish I'd never labeled it as such because there is way more to it than just zombies. It's more about survival than anything else, and there's quite a bit going on in this long dark tale.

Here's a direct link to the first chapter:

If anyone is interested, let me know.



I'll take you up on your offer Scott. I don't have too much up at the moment and it's a bit different than a serial, but you can check out my stuff here.

Excellent. Thank you, Team Contract. Your story, Once Giants, sounds like a wild ride that I'm looking forward to reading this evening.

Hi Scott. I left my review already. I tore through the first part and man was I both thrilled and chilled. I still can't get some of those scenes out of my head. How do you sleep at night???? lol Excellent story.


Thanks for the great review, Kirk. Much appreciated. I just got done reading your story and I enjoyed it. I just wish there was more posted, which is a good sign if I'm ready to read more. I should have a review up some time tomorrow. Thanks again for reading ;)

Kirk, my review of Once Giants is up. A great story that I look forward to continuing. I'm now a huge fan of this queen-sized lady ;)

@Scott Thanks for that thoroughly awesome and kind review, Scott! It made my day :)And don't worry, there is plenty more Size Queen to go around lol. Thanks so much again!

@Scott I just finished the first book and I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to change the rating in my review. :/

@Kirk, hey thanks for the upgraded review! Totally unexpected. I'm glad you decided to read on and complete the first fifteen chapters (and that was quite a bit of reading, too). Part Two was such a fun collective of chapters to write and getting to let all those characters come alive and interact with each other was, what I feel, what drove this story to where it is presently. Thanks again, you totally made my day ;)

With the Halloween season coming up I thought I'd bring this back around for one more go. If anyone is interested in reviewing my serial, I still have time available right now to do a review swap or two. Thanks for your consideration ;)