Review Request: Tales From A Thousand Worlds or Echo Of The Ages

Hi everyone;

I've happily been a part of this community for a while now and thought I'd test the waters to see what people think of my stuff. It's taken me a while to work up to this stage - I really hate putting myself forward. Yeah, that kind of does make self-promotion hard. Some people find it easy. I struggle big time.

I started webfiction a year ago, posting up my short fiction under the guise of Tales From A Thousand Worlds. Hasn't exactly set the world on fire but I do see it as a long haul. At about the time I advertised it on here I also started a serial - Echo of the Ages - as it seemed that serials are more popular than short fiction.

A look at the stats since seems to have proved that right. In 1/4 the time, the serial has proven five times as popular as the short fiction. People are actually reading it.

However, in all the time I have been releasing my webfiction I haven't had any feed back as to why that may be or even if they are enjoying it. So here I am, throwing myself at the mercy of the reviewing public here, of people that know and understand webfiction :)

Tales From A Thousand Worlds: Short Fiction -

Through the ruins of a fallen empire, a minotaur travels across a dying world, seeking the long roads back to his own world.

A gentleman-adventurer and his trusty companions explore an alternate-Earth steampunk world wherein immortals rule and the creatures of myth dwell.

A wild hill tribe sword maiden and a civilised one-time assassin of the cities seek adventurer and wealth in a sword and sorcery setting, exploring forgotten places and battling monsters and sorcerers alike.

A robot with a malfunctioning personality travels alongside his hapless, naive master as they are caught up in unlikely adventures, forced time and again to save his master from himself, whether he likes it or not.

Drawn from a myriad of realms are tales of action, adventure, fantastic realms and those that inhabit them.

Tales From A Thousand Worlds is a collection of short fiction ranging from very short stories through to novellas, some forming ongoing series and others stand alone stories. They range across the SF/F spectrum, from fantasy and sword and sorcery, to sci fi, steampunk and even horror, with more on the way.

Currently it numbers 23 completed stories totalling 155K words and 2 ongoing ones that will add another 12k words when complete.

Echo of the Ages - Epic Fantasy Serial -

The tide of years washes over the lands and in its wake civilisations and nations vanish, leaving behind only monuments of past glories, forgotten ruins buried beneath the sands and hidden tombs.

Within them can be found the wealth of the past, by those skilled and lucky, wealth enough for a lifetime. The ruins do not give up their treasures easily though, for often they are guarded by traps and wards.

Kathri, the daughter of exiles and mistrusted for her nature, is one such who plunders the ruins of the past, having both the skill and the luck to survive.

Danger comes from not just from within, as there are rivals who would do whatever it takes to beat her to the treasures, and also the Mages and the Kingdoms of the Ciosalan Conclave that have proclaimed that the Mages alone have the rights to search through the ruins and who punish severely any caught plundering.

It may turn out though that the greatest danger is what lies in the ruins that seeks to get out . . .

Currently there are 15 entries in the serial, totalling around 42K words.

I'll take a look at Echo of the Ages. No promises on when I'll get the review written up as it does take me a bit.

Thanks - and no worries about the time taken. I know what it is like. I've been wanting to do more reviews myself but finding the time to do it isn't always easy.

I will take a look as soon as my schedule allows! (My workday is usually fairly dull, though this past week and weekend have been chaotic.)

Hey, I left a review for Echo of the Ages! I like the story a lot, and I'm gonna keep following it. It has tons of potential. Maybe pick up the pace a little, though? ^^; Your writing is great, but the plot moves much more slowly than I'm used to, and it started to lose me at parts. Still, I like Kathri a lot and your premise and setting are great! Keep going!!

Hi Ria;

Thanks for that - your review was far better than I had hoped for :)

Hadn't realised that it was travelling so slow. I've read more than a few epic fantasies and often found there beginnings slow, which is why I didn't start in the humble backwater village that takes ten chapters to leave, and tried to speed things up a bit. Guess it didn't work as I had intended. I guess that is art of the reason I enjoy writing short fiction as you can ignore a lot of that and just jump straight into the story.

I have finished off part three and it may not speed up enough though I may be able to touch it up a bit between now and when the chapters are done. Hopefully it will be enough to keep you around for part four when things are planned to really start moving. (At least I hope so...stories often diverge from where I intend them to go.)

As for proofreading - doesn't seem to matter how many times I edit and re-edit,back, forward and upside down, they always sneak through....