Review Request - The Antithesis

Good afternoon, everyone.

I would really appreciate anyone who had enough spare time to read my web series and review it on WFG? Only three chapters are up, so there isn't too much to read. I'm also willing to read and review in return. Thanks in advance,

Currently reading chapter 1, will try and get a review up in a couple of days. :)

Much thanks.

The review is up! Hope that helps. Thanks for recommending Cold Ghost - could I badger you for a return review please? I'd be very grateful. :)

I sure will. I'll have one up by Friday, though you didn't have to ask at all. I'm finding your story a pretty good read and already intended to review it.

Thanks again.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Just to let you know that I cross-posted my review to Muse Success as well.

Yes I saw that!

I just finished your last chapter, and the "I NEED TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING" scene just about made me spit my soda everywhere. Lol.

I finished your review, but am saving it on a word document to edit and correct typos before posting it. It'll be up the same day as The Antithesis 4th installment.

I would have written your review much sooner but alas, a pre-med university senior barely even has time to sleep :P