Review Request: The Bastard Cadre

I did a couple of review swaps recently and I wondered if anybody else is keen. It's unlikely I'll get through more than one a week (if I'm lucky enough to have a couple of you agree), but you can see the reviews I wrote for Once Giants and From Winter's Ashes on WFG, and if it helps you can see the corresponding reviews of The Bastard Cadre.



I'll give it a shot if you can wait for the weekend.

Great! I'll take a look at Price. Similarly, I'm unlikely to get it before the week.

BTW, I like the way you've condensed the table of contents on your site for completed books. I've been wondering how to tackle that as the episode list gets longer and longer.

Thanks. It's the advantage of my work being actual novels rather than serialized arcs. Terry Pratchett is one of my inspirations- at least in terms of how to approach book series. There's not much by way of similarities between Price and Discworld in terms of setting or tone.

I'm still reading Price and will post a review when I've read more.

I have been having a busy week, so I'm about 10 chapters in on yours. Not a fan of the site navigation (though I don't put that into the review unless it's truly heinous).

No hurry. I tried to make the navigation as simple as possible, so any thoughts you have on it would be greatly appreciated, either here or in a review.

I'm a fan of the classic menu bar format, myself. Sidebars are also fine. Really, anything you like, long as it's clearly marked and accessible from the story chapters is golden in my book.

Thanks TanaNari. That helps. I did add a home link next to each next episode link after the episodes.

I've also been playing around with the presentation on the home page. Now that the number of episodes is in three digits, it feels like listing them all is over kill, so I've added book links instead.

@TanaNari, my review is up, and I plan to keep reading.


Thanks! I'm still working on yours- summer is apparently busy for me. But I'm doubling down on it for the near future.

I'm looking forward to see how you redo the review when you get to the big twists...

The thing about how I write, and it's become a pattern for most of my books thus far, is that I like to set up a lot of foreshadowing for future events, but keep it subtle enough that most people won't realize what I'm doing. Then, when I do the reveal, it's of the nature that completely changes how my readers perceive earlier chapters, preferably starting at the very first chapter if I can swing it, but always the early few.

I like to think of it as the literary equivalent of "replay value".

Also- there's the fact that my books are all individual novels, so they won't have the same characters. I think that's cost me a few readers.

I'm a big fan of reply value. It's great when you read a story or watch a show that makes you want to go again so you can view the events and interactions with your new insight.

Thanks. And I swear I will get enough of your story read to do a review this weekend, if not sooner.

Thanks for the review! Good timing, I'm about to board a plane and spent 20 something hours with my laptop and not much else. Both you and Patrick have mentioned the first few chapters as being problematic so this is a good chance to review them. Thanks again!