Review Request: The Emperor

Greetings everyone,

About two days ago, I slapped together a wordpress for a new serial I'm working on found here:

I've been having trouble figuring out what I should add (navigation-wise), how to add it, and what to avoid. For example, I currently have a table of contents page (basic html ul) and an identical table of contents side bar. Is this redundant? Are there better ways of doing this? And is the format I have out right now serviceable?

Additionally, the how is chapter to chapter navigation? I have added some basic HTML for "next" chapter buttons, but it seems that wordpress rather randomly figures it out and adds its own buttons separately. No idea how this works.

And finally, is the site easy to use? Can you see yourself casually flipping through entries? Do I need more panache/spice (images, custom art etc., right now I want simplicity and ease of access)?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

Well, first of all, your underlying architecture to the site looks decent. It's very plain and looks unfinished right now, but the bones are all where they should be, so that's good.

You're going to want to source some art for the site, to fill in those blank places. You're also going to want to ensure that your right hand sidebar there has meaningful buttons you can use and interact with. Right now your listing of 1 2 3 looks blank, because it isn't clear to the eye that the numbers correspond to links/entries. I would change them to read something along the lines of 'Entry 1' or 'Chapter 1' etc, so that it's clear that there's something there to click.

I like that your design is responsive to the horizontal resolution of the browser/device, that's great!

In general I don't trust wordpress to correctly link previous/next chapter buttons, so I usually include a manual link at the end of a chapter leading to the next one, once I've posted the subsequent entry etc.

Thanks, very helpful!

I like the site as it is, but then my own site takes plain to the extreme :)

For the navigation, if you go into Themes > Customize > Widgets (I think) > Select Table of Contents widget > Visibility

You can set up a rule to hide the TOC widget if the page being displayed is the TOC page.

That'll give you a landing page with the TOC (assuming that's the page you share) without the TOC in the sidebar, but let's you keep the TOC in the sidebar for every other page.

For the randomly linking Next chapters, that's probably word presses related content feature.

Go to Wordpress Admin > Settings > look for the related posts section and select Hide related content after posts.

Looking at the site it looks like you're already good with this (perhaps you fixed it already). The theme you're using supports next and previous links.

Looks good.


Awesome, I never knew about the hiding thing. Just added it to the page.