Review Request: The Fifth Defiance

Hi folks, I've been working on TFD for a few years now, and I feel like it has reached a point where there is enough for folks to get a good sense of what the story is like. I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading through (warning, it is kind of long) and posting their thoughts?

The Fifth Defiance is a post apocalyptic superperson story, where the advent of super powers ruined society, and a super powered tyrant reigns. Our protagonists are attempting to fix the world from within the perspective of its ruined husk, and the story follows their efforts.


Thanks in advance!

Hey, Walter. I can certainly do a review swap, if you are interested. I can read your story over the next few weeks (It is quite long) and submit a review in due course and you could do the same. That okay? I write Touch, over at

Sounds good to me, I'd been meaning to read Touch anyway. I've heard good things, so I'm looking forward to this :)

Nice to know I have word of mouth. :)