Review Request: The Simulacrum of Dread

To be (relatively) brief:

The Simulacrum of Dread is less of a verge-of-completion novel and more of a novella close to wrapping up. A number of further stories will be joining it in due time, but that be in the future.

As things stand, its near-finished status includes an effectively wrapped-up part 20, and 21/22 which are sketched out but still being given the meat that is the word when it actually meets medium. Opinion on the work thus far is desired; whether criticism or acclaim, specificity is one of the less-appreciated and more arcane virtues. Greater specificity means greater likelihood of the as-yet-unpublished portions, and possibly some few of those already produced, being reshaped in some degree for better digestion.

It has the backdrop of a science fantasy setting that, quite emphatically, is not for everyone. The plot follows Sebastio Artaxerxes, a man gifted with the talent of bioelectric current manipulation, his interaction with an ages-old artifact that is a quasi-deity unto itself, and his rise to power as a political icon. His actions themselves are minute stirrings of a much larger political web, one touched by entities known to those societies aware of their existence as the Beings of Old. It is his mixed fortune to be alive in interesting times, when dangers span countless facets of reality and their facetary substructures, as well as those places outside the bonds of traditional metaphysics.

The work as it stands lies here:

An update: the work is now presented in its entirety. While there will probably be an eventual direct continuation written, that shall come at some future time.