Review Request: The Solstice War

Hi! I'd appreciate some reviews of my story, The Solstice War. It is a WW2 fantasy story at its core.

Here is the landing page, it contains a blurb:

And the WFG page for it:

One thing I know that might be a sore spot right away (and which I'm not really able to change) is that it kind of breaks the established update pattern for a lot of stories I've seen on WFG. I write two chapters a month (with some smaller extras in between when I can) and they are usually pretty long chapters (15k is average, some have been 20k). I'm not sure how willing people are to read through those -- I know for the web that half that length per chapter at twice the update speed is probably more optimal, but I'm not in a place where I can really do that, life-wise and head-wise!

well, you can always break the chapters into two parts, even if its not a very nice ending point. But honestly, as long as you hit that update schedule you have set, you're fine imo. I''ll give it a read on lunch!

still reading through the first page. I might suggest breaking up each individual time stamp into separate posts to help give a sense of distance as people read. Even when you update twice a month, breaking up long updates into a couple of shorter posts will help people that are doing archive binges.

only one typo i caught so far, in the section at the restaurant,

and frustrate; she thought

i'm currently to her seeing through all teh other eyes the previous wars of history, figured I'd drop an update here. I'll make a review as soon as I catch up. So far though, I like it. Even if it stayed a straight war piece, the writing and characters interest me. The suddenly arising shamanistic counterpoint though really has me intrigued, its a very nice piece of combining disparate themes.

Thank you! I've been thinking of making cut-up versions of older chapters for easier reading through the archive (in addition to keeping the old complete chapter if someone wants to get the whole thing), but so far I haven't had the time.

It's a request I'm hearing more so I'll try to bump it up on the priority list.

I took some time out today to get started on this, because it is a very good idea. By the end of the week the whole story should be in this format, but until then you can start the first chapter here and follow the parts along, if you hit a wall at one point it's because I haven't yet converted all of the chapters, but I'm working on on it, and the prologue and first three chapters are done, and the whole first story arc should be done tonight:

I would highly suggest ditching the date in the short listing and make it chapter name/page or update number, so .com/operation-monsoon/page1 its a LOT cleaner, and shorter links are easier to share on social media without using a shortener. (personally, I like just update numbers, no chapter, but that messes with navigation for some themes)

Unfortunately will not let me dispense with the date from the URL. (I have my own domain name but I'm still using, so I only have the free features. Money's too tight to get my own web space entirely, and I already had the domain kicking around.)

Oh, I didn't know they didnt let you change that. suck.

Alrighty! It's the 1 Year Anniversary of the Solstice War and to celebrate I stayed up all night and now I have divided the entire story up into pieces. The pieces are linked in the landing page and in the table of contents. There are over 80 story segments dividing up the Prologue + 22 complete chapters into 4 parts (some are 3 parts and some are 5-6 parts depending on the length). Hopefully that makes it a lot easier to digest!

Just wanted to touch base again, see if anyone is reading or has any thoughts otherwise on the story?

You've gotten several five star reviews... only five star reviews, actually. That's a higher overall rating than I've seen anywhere else. Honestly, I'm sure you're doing just great. Lean back and enjoy it!

Yeah I have a few vocal fans but I'd like to broaden my readership a bit and get some feedback outside that. I think that it is a pretty niche story, so I'd like to see some more reactions to judge how much; I kind of fear that after a big burst of attention I had at the start, it sort of quietly dropped off. My metrics have been going steadily up, but nobody comments or reviews or talks to me about it much. It makes me wonder how many people like, click on a page and then leave in disgust or something. I'd like to see attachment go up, though I don't really know how.

my reading time has suddenly dropped. I have a tab open at all times at work, actually, reading a paragraph here and there when I get time. I'm going to review it pretty soon, hopefully today. (spoiler, i like it!)

Thank you Alexander :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope to keep entertaining and intriguing.

Might want to check out Harry Turtledove's WWII/magical series. Can't remember the name, and he focused more on the European front, but there's definitely similarities in tone and feel.

Checked it out on wiki, kind of interesting. Though a bit more magical than I want to be; for me the use of period tech and tactics are a big part of the appeal as I'm a big milsim dork.