Review Request: The Wachmage of Old New York

Hey guys,

I would appreciate it if someone took a look at "Watchmage." I haven't had a review yet, and I would like the feedback


There's already one.

The front page is only reviews that are by editors or where enough people said 'yes, I found this review helpful'.

See the review tab, and you can see the rest of the reviews, including a WoONY review that was put up yesterday evening:

ah, I should've checked again this morning before I posted. I got so used to checking and seeing nothing, I got presumptous. Although reading one chapter isn't exactly a review, but I digress.

Anyway, I've only gotten 1 review, so anyone else that would like to provide feedback, please read.

My queue is deep, and only getting deeper, so I can't usually review listings as soon as they appear. If possible, I try to get to them before they're off the front page. Your review has now been posted, however.


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

Thank you very much