Review Request: Torn World

I'd love to get impressions of the Torn World site:

My biggest challenge with this site has been the organization of the tremendous amount of materials we've got available. The story isn't linear, and there are more than a dozen authors and artists involved, plus articles and other resources that relate to individual stories and poems.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you have for making the site easy to jump into! Thanks!

The design and background is very pretty, the only thing that I would really suggest is giving more prominence to the 'new to Torn World?' link. I didn't see the link in the top right-hand corner at first, and had to scroll down, looking for an about page and I only looked at the left-hand navigation. I'd maybe suggest having a big button near the top, saying something like "New to Torn World? Click here!"

Personally, I'd put the random artwork links underneath the newest links and not vice versas, though this is a personal preference of mine, so I'm not sure what you think.

Are you also requesting a review of Torn World stories, or just the set-up of the site?

Thank you! Those are very useful observations. Our start page definitely needs some more prominence, as I've heard that elsewhere, also!

I've gotten mixed input on having pictures before the fiction and poetry - it's not standard to have such a strong visual element to a weblit/webfiction site, and some people find it a draw while some don't. I'll continue to poll on this topic. :)

I would very much appreciate a review of my own work, though I'm not comfortable asking for one for the other authors involved!

Thank you for taking the time to look around and share your thoughts on it. :)

I'm a little swamped with work and a translation check that I promised a friend, but I'll try to do a review some time soon. It may go up on my own blog, if you'd prefer for me to only comment on your work, as I'm pretty sure that the WFG system of reviews is for commenting on the item as a whole rather than in pieces.

You're very welcome, I hope I've been helpful.

As the work is public, I suppose there's no getting around reviews of the writing as a whole. A review at WFG would be wonderful, my thanks! :)