Review Request

So to be clear, are you requesting reviews here on WFG or reviews on the ebooks? (I think it's the former but the offer for copies of the ebooks is making me question that logic)

Sorry, I could have been clearer.

I'd like reviews posted on WFG, but I'm offering the ebooks as some people find that more convenient. :)

Did a quick look at the first reading page ( and noticed there is a broken or miscoded header image above the menu. On Safari (for Windows) it just puts in a nice little ? . On a Chrome browser it holds a box with the broken image icon captive which means the text for installment 1 doesn't show up until I scroll down twice. This will get pretty old when I move page to page.

It took me a few minutes to realize your page navigation is underneath your share links? I didn't quite catch that part 2 was where it was. For folks who aren't Wordpress blog readers it's not intuitive. At least I would see if you can override the style for those navigational elements and make it bold or red or something...

I've more or less finished reading the first ebook and am more than happy to toss up a review on WFG as well as amazon. Before I do that though, would you like a more detailed list of typos and such as well? It's a relatively minor thing on serials but I think it counts for more on the book side of things.