Review Requests: Eikasia and Akumu Love Panic!

Hello all.

It's been a while since I've posted on here. I've done a few reviews of other weblit in the past, though some of my older ones aren't showing up in my history for some reason. I like to try and give different stories a chance when I can. Now, I understand that some stories are simply more popular than others, and some stories just fit an editor's mood at the time. I get that completely---that's why I don't write reviews all the time. But I have one frustration, and it is this:

Eikasia has been up on WFG for nearly three or four years now. It's one of the highest member rated stories in its category. I've managed to encourage a number of honest and genuine reviews from my readers and fellow weblit authors.

...But the story still lacks a proper editor review.

Sonya didn't do a full review, making a promise to return later to finish. She never did. At the time, there were eight chapters up for Eikasia. There are now 2 complete books and one nearly finished in the series, for a total of 33 complete chapters. I've even extensively edited and revamped much of the series. I'm not sure what it is I have to do to get editorial attention, but I'd really appreciate a full review from one of you folks. Eikasia is not perfect, but I think the reader response has shown that it clearly has something worthwhile.

As for Akumu Love Panic!...again, I get that editors who pick stories to review do so on their own time, and so tend to gravitate towards what might interest them most. I think people get scared away by my initial pitches (which are admittedly bad) but ALP! is my new baby, and the quickly growing reader base is telling me that I'm onto something there too. Maybe it's just a niche thing, but if someone, ANYone, not just an editor, could give a detailed review of the story, I would love them forever. If you're a weblit author, I would be more than happy to return the favor for one of your works.

Thank you for reading this. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to pick a fight with the editors---I think you guys do outstanding work---I'm just trying to call your attention to something that might be worth your time.


--Illise Montoya

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm under the impression there's barely any editors anymore. There's Fiona, who's awesome, but she can only do so much, and Chris is busy with the site proper.

I've committed to a queue of writing/reviews already, starting with No Man an Island, but I could see about taking a look at Akumu at a later date, perhaps.

All right, that sounds great Wildbow. From what I saw of the editors list, I only gathered that many of them must be busy. I know several of them have (or had) other projects they were working on before. I don't think they're gone-gone. I've known some of them for a few years, not personally but at least through the community, and I don't get the impression they'd just up and disappear after putting so much into web fiction.

So is it to be understood that there pretty much are no editors?

And don't worry about it Chris: this post was a general call out for anyone who might be interested in giving some public input for Eikasia and ALP!. I've gotten several of my readers to do it, but they of course love the story, so I'm hoping for a more critical eye outside of my reader base who can vouch for what they feel.

That explains what I've been seeing. I browsed a couple of categories that seemed related to my webfiction project and checked the 'Editor's Picks', but in all cases the URL came up as invalid, presumably because the series has been dead for years.

If there could at least be some sort of script that removes the Picks from very old entries that would be a start.

Is there any plan to introduce more editors? It seems like a bunch of people on here work hard to give reviews, and make an honest effort to be fair, perhaps some of them could be promoted? It would certainly be a more effective use of time.

Anyhow, those are thoughts from a newb, take 'em for what you like.