Review Requests: Spots the Space Marine and Kherishdar Collection

I'm slowly beginning to read some of the work listed on WFG and reviewing it, so I thought I'd toss my offerings onto the pile and request a read-throughs. I've got three things up:

For science fiction readers, Spots the Space Marine is a military SF serial (currently being posted twice a week) about a retired Marine leaving her family to head out into space and help kill the crabs. The pacing is quick; it's written like a script and has occasional illustrations. The story is told mostly in dialogue.

You can jump straight to the episode list here:

For quasi-fantasy readers, I have two completed collections, The Aphorisms of Kherishdar and the Admonishments of Kherishdar. These are both composed of 25 pieces of 2-page flash fiction, linked, about the alien culture of the Ai-Naidar. The Aphorisms collect wisdom tales told from the viewpoint of a Public Servant, the Calligrapher, and each short illustrates a single word in the alien language and ends with an alien aphorism. The Admonishments is the companion volume and tells how crime and punishment is handled by the same aliens; each short discusses a crime or sin from the viewpoint of the criminal, and the central figure weaving all these stories together is the priest who serves Shame.

For the Aphorisms, and a meditative feel:

For the Admonishments, darker and with some trigger material:

Anyway, if SF/F of this kind is your speed, I'd appreciate the chance to entertain you. :)


I tidied up the Spots main page last night:

Just in case you want your name in lights there as one of my pull-quotes. I like to link reviews. :)

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