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Hey @wildblow, you reviewed my serial a few months ago, and i was wondering if you could redo it. The odl review isnt very relevant anymore, since I addressed many of the probelems you mentioned, and while I know Hotfoot isn't anywhere near perfect, I'd rather potential viewers see the relevant issues and not old ones. Thanks!

Also, link to the new website here:

Not a criticism, because I know you don't know better, but it's generally bad etiquette to ask for a review to be changed. Better to be thankful with whatever you get. People are busy and can't always change a review.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck with your serial, and whatever else life throws your way.


You just got a review from Deadpansmirk a few days ago, right? So that was fairly recent and up to date.

Yea, @chrysalis, but the top rated review doesnt accurately portray the serial anymore. I completely understand if he can't, and I'm not going to cry and pout if wildblow is too busy, which he probably is. I just thought, hey, what's the harm in asking?

I think it's fair to ask for a second look if you've made major changes. Even though I really took issue with the way the author of Diary of a Runner handled a lot of things community-wise and in general, and was not a fan of him as a person in many ways, I did take note that he'd made some changes in response to my review in the review in question. I can certainly do something similar or better for someone that's been polite.

For the time being, I'll add a note to my review saying that Hotfoot has been revised and the review may no longer be accurate. When I have time I'll glance over and see where things stand.

Thank you so much wildblow, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.


Note added, star rating rescinded.

D'awww! Writers helping writers makes my heart all fuzzy. :)

@Whyknotzoidberg, I thought it might be better to stop using Zephy669's thread and contact you here. Just wanted to thank you for your fair and honest review of my serial, DFTD. I appreciate it. I've read the first ten chapters of Hotfoot after you gave me the greenlight to keep reading. I'll finish reading and start my review. Thanks again :)

Sure! Go ahead!

Hey Scott! Thanks for the review! I've had like three people back out on review swaps, and it's a really nice review. Anyways I totally agree with your review. Origins has like, two more big hurrahs before it slows way down. Next arc has only two villians, as opposed to the 30 something of origins, and will be focused on the characters feeling out the world they live in. Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more of your serial!

You are welcome, Whyknotzoidberg. I look forward to reading how your story progresses.