Review Swap, Dirge

I'm very glad to be listed! My readership has been growing, and I've commissioned some very nice artwork for my site that will soon be done.

I've had two people tell me in the past they intended to review me, but I don't particularly hold them to it. I have created this thread to solicit a review swap for anyone who wants it. I'll be undergoing a procedure Thursday, however, so I can't promise fast returns on my end, and non-quid-pro-quo reviews are much appreciated.

Again, I'm ecstatic for the opportunity this site provides, thanks Chris for all your work. I love this community!

You can read the summary here: ( ). It's a very ambitious story for me.

All the best,

- Shaeor

@Shaeor I'll take you up on your offer. I read your first prelude and like the writing style. I don't have much material up yet to judge the entire series so waiting until after your procedure would work just fine for me (give me a chance to post more stuff). Thanks!

Obviously, you've already done me a solid, so the least I can do is return the favor. I can't put an exact time frame on it, but I'll have it done within the next week or two, hopefully.

Also, holy shit, that blurb is ridiculously awesome.

@TeamContract Sounds perfect. I look forward to your review and reading your work.

@Knifleman Thank you and another big thank you.

Thanks for the review, Team Contract! Just tell me when, and I'll get to a review of Once Giants as soon as I can.

No problem Shaeor! I update the next chapter tomorrow. It would probably be worth a read up to that point. First novella is already up of you wanna get a head start! Thanks again!

@Shaeor Are you still up for getting reviews and/or swaps? I hope your procedure went well and you're able to get a lot of rest.

I had a chance to check out your site earlier on, looks spiffy, like what I saw of your writing. Also like the 'Canto' organization, gives a real feeling of Dante's Divine Comedy in a way. I'm a bit behind schedule with a lot of stuff (university, writing, life). I can hammer out a review for you in the next week or so, is that okay?

If anyone else here is interested in a review or swap, let me know, too.

Shaeor, get well and keep up the good work.

I'd love to review your serial, Ashes. Sounds interesting. So, yeah, I'd like another review for myself as well :P

As long as you're okay with the fact that I have to review Team Contract first, and I haven't even started on that. Pain meds make it hard to read for any meaningful amount of time. My timeframe is pretty stretched at this point, I mean. You'd get your review in a number of weeks. If that's fine by you, then we'll swap away.

And thanks for the get-well, I intend to!


Thanks so much for that positive review Shaeor! I really appreciate it!!

I'm glad you like it, Team Contract!


You're next.

Thanks for the amazing review, Sovereign. I'll get yours as soon as possible!

My apologies for the review's lateness.

No worries or rush at all about getting to it, nor do you even have to. I know you're busy with your own stuff, and I hope you're able to feel better.

I'm overhauling my site right now, the fiction navigation and table of contents should be okay, but at any given moment the rest of the site might look like a war-zone. I should have everything figured out and settled by October.

Sorry for the lateness, but your review is up SovereignofAshes. Let me know what you think :)


Thank you for your awesome review and for reading through the work that's been put up.

I'm taking your suggestions to heart and looking into ways I can make the story more accessible (and so the first bit isn't a huge read).

I know you're busy with your own stuff going on, as well. Thank you tackling this monster. ^_^

No worries on lateness, at all. Yay, for a first review!