Review Swap: Nature's Kingdom

Finally got that Price review out. I'm Looking for one or two reviewers to swap with. As said by one reviewer, my story is high fantasy masquerading as superhero fiction. YA style, drawing inspiration from any settings you can think of.

My reviews shouldn't take longer than two weeks after I start the serial.


Worlds are changing. With the rapid increase of hallowed, metahumans, and superpowered beings, hints of events with cataclysmic proportion can be seen on the horizon.

Phenomena that has not been witnessed since the Age of Gods.

As she remembers her childhood dream for utopia, Mercy must decide if she has what it takes to protect the people she loves.


Chapter 1:

I'm up for a swap, though if you take me up on my offer I do have to say that the first two chapters are currently being rewritten. So they might change midway through your reading. It'll probably be two weeks before I'm out with your review if you accept.

Here you go:

I hope you enjoy.

I'll take you up on that offer. Another taker?

I'm happy to take a look!

Alright. Is Not All Heroes the one you want me to take a look at? I'll do that after I'm done with Loud Thomas's.


I'll take a look into it too, if you don't mind. Updates on my serial--The Revelation--are a bit behind at the moment (life issues, always life issues, especially around this time of the year), and the prose will be updated in the near future, but it never hurts to have more reviews. I will warn you though The Revelation is a bit different from your serial, and rather graphic (it's a horror/fantasy hybrid with a semi-present setting).

Sure go ahead. I'll look at yours after I finish the reviews of those ahead.

Working on the review, Loud. Had some family issues come up. Should be done by end of Saturday.

I'm going to have to bow out, I'm sorry. This past week, we've had multiple issues with our apartment, and time is getting pretty limited. On top of our AC going out (limiting how long I can be on my computer), our living room flooded last night when a storm moved through, so we're scrambling to get things fixed.

Again, sorry.

Hey! Remember that review I offered about a month ago. Yeah, well now its done and I hope it helps. By the way, I'm sorry for the wait. My best excuse is poor time management.