Review swap, the revenge!

I'm working away on my sci-fi serial Far Flung, and I need reviews.

I've got a story that draws heavily from Star Trek Voyager, but I feel it's evolved into something different as I write. A review or two posted here at Web Fiction Guide would really help me. I'm going to set up a Kickstarter or Patreon soon to help me fund my hosting and pay for editing - but I should know what needs editing the most!

I've done reviews of serials for WFG before, and I'd be happy to write one again for anyone here.

The main site for the story is, and the first chapter starts at

Thanks in advance!

@TCC I might take you up on it. Read your into. Seems pretty interesting.

That'd be great! I see that Once Giants doesn't have any reviews, so I'll give it a read right now and type up something soon!

I'll try for this weekend.

Sure, I'll take a look at it this week. Reciprocation of a review is appreciated! (Note that I disclose all my reciprocated reviews, and all reviews, reciprocal or not, will be judged by the same standards.)

Thank you TanaNari and Patrick. As for your note about review standards - but of course, I wouldn't have it any other way!

@TCC Edwards

Thanks for the read and review. I've left one for you as well :D Nice story so far. I've read up to the latest.

I think you'll find you like my review. I may have gushed a little... I love fiction that takes the time to think, and rewards readers who do the same.


Okay, I'm adding that to my review now. It just sounds too good.

Point is, you deserve to be recognized for making a story that takes the time to be more than merely entertainment.

It looks like the reviews for Once Giants and Far Flung went up simultaneously!

That review's awesome, thanks Team Contract!

This isn't over yet - I'm still reading Price and From Winter's Ashes, and I will add reviews of both very soon.

Also, thank you for your kind words TanaNari - you really made my week!

Just tell me, are the names all references and I'm missing some, or are some of them just coincidence?

Off the top of my head, there are only a few names in the story that are references. I used a lot of baby name sources for the human characters, and the alien species names are my own. So some names will be just coincidences, yeah.

All right, I've looked over Price and From Winter's Ashes!

Both very good - awesome work!

Thank you kindly for your reviews, both the positive and the negative. My biggest takeaway from this is that I need to fix my site and navigation first! A sidebar and/or a title bar with clear navigation links ought to fix up some of that. I thought I loved my current theme, but it's getting to be more of a hassle now.

I have to clear up my space combat sequences for sure (honestly I'm considering doing the 'Song of Ice and Fire' thing and avoiding big battle sequences, but yeah, I'll see what I can do). I'll also take a good look over my dialogue - I think this is where I'll need an editor's help the most.

TanaNari pointed out one of my regrets - that I slip into more traditional storytelling from the more experimental at the start. I wanted to keep the mission logs, transcripts, and more formal reports, but I found it too hard to get 'into' my characters that way. The future of Far Flung will likely see more personal narratives, with a few short mission logs or transcripts scattered in when appropriate.

Have a read over my reviews of your stories, and feel free to ask me for elaboration. I'll be stopping by your websites regularly - you'll see my comments pop up on your posts for sure!

Well, I do get the feeling you didn't read very far into my story before posting a review. Most of what you bring up is explored in pretty solid depth later on.

But the early combat scene? Meant to be hectic and confused. A first person perspective from a complete newbie who's getting toyed with like the proverbial mouse and eponymous Kitten.

Other fights are cleaner for much the same reason- a more confident and trained character, after all.

... Yes... I put that level of thought and care into my stories...

Thank you for the constructive review!

@TCC (and anybody else) Are you still looking for review swaps?

@Lee Carlon I'll take you up on that offer, Lee. I don't have too much posted as yet, but enough for an idea of the types of characters and story.

@Team Contract, sounds good. There's quite a bit of The Bastard Cadre, but it's split up into books (4 and a half so far). It shouldn't be necessary to read all of it for the purposes of a review though :)

I won't be able to get to it before the weekend, but I'll take a look at Once Giants and post a review when I'm done. Thanks!

I'll queue you up for this week too, @Lee Carlon, with the usual caveat that reciprocal reviews never get any special treatment critically.

@Patrick Rochefort, great, I'll read From Winter's Ashes after Once Giants. The caveat makes sense and is how I would approach reviews too.

Hi, is the offer of reviews and swaps still open on this thread?

I'm game to throw my hat in the ring as well. TCC, I was able to read the first bit of your fiction so far. Really like the element of a 'found logs' sort of writing. Also a huge fan of ST:V and any Star Trek for that matter, so I'm all game to dig further. It'll just take me about a week or so to get caught up on stuff and be able to properly sit down and hammer out a review for you.

If anyone else is interested, I'm game as well. Just let me know. Thanks.