Review Swapping Works... How?

Please excuse the curmudgeonly sort piloting this machine of opinion-dispensing and the incidence of the opinions as they are sprayed every which way. Now, this thing known as the review swap sounds intriguing, and seems like a decent avenue to pursue, given that I would like to get some feedback on a published work - but asking that without reciprocation (especially considering the material being proffered) would be a form of cruel and extremely unusual punishment. Does the collective exchanging reviews simply post respectively on the helpfully-provided review section of this site? Is there some kind of unspoken structure to swapped reviews? Apparently this whole swap thing was under some sort of kibosh a little while ago; are there additional rules and restrictions to content or spirit?

If it sounds like "lives under a rock" applies in this case, then rest on thine laurels of deduction, beautiful potato.

You write a review, they write a review, swap swap swap!

Yay yay yay!


Usually, you look for a review swap thread or make your own. And yes, you make the review on this site.

I... see. Condolences for informing a simpleton on the subject.