Review Swaps?

Antlers, CO just totally wrapped up it's second chapter, and I'm finding myself with a lot of free time to do some reading these days, so I figured I'd open myself up for a couple review swaps! I haven't gotten that many formal reviews/critiques of Antlers yet, and I'm looking to eventually edit it and publish it as a book, so knowing what works and what doesn't would be nice. And I'm always looking for new serials to check out!

If you're willing to wait until probably next weekend, I'd be willing to give it a go. I've had more free time this week for some reason, but I want to use it to form a chapter buffer.

Marn, I'll definitely drop you a review!

@TanaNari Sure thing! It might take me until then to read through your serial as well, so no worries. :)

I rated yours awhile ago, but never ended up reviewing it (just fell out of the reviewing habit, tbh). I've been wanting to go back and write a review for yours, so this works.

We can definitely do a swap -- a review of any of my three serials would be good. I'm guessing you'd like Godpunk the most, because it's the fantasy thing that I wrote. But you also might like A Bad Idea, which is probably the gayest thing I've written (and that's saying something). Godpunk's got longer posts, A Bad Idea has incredibly short posts.

Oh sweet! I've actually been meaning to start Godpunk for a while now so this seems like a great excuse.

I'll swap with anyone, if anyone's willing. And JPV1000, I'm working on that Warbler review as I write this.

Hey Takentounge, I definitely would be willing to review swap with you. You in?

I'm in! Just need to finish another review and I'll start on your story as soon as I can.


(Im not very far in, but I'm enjoying the heck out of steel and smoke.)

Hey Marn,

Thanks so much for the review. I'm thinking about turning A Bad Idea into a book, so learning what did and din't work provided a lot of good food for thought. Also, you read fast! I think it's going to take a week or two for me to write a review for Antlers. Hope that's alright!

You're totally welcome! And yeah, no worries, take your time! I've always been a speedreader, and I had loads of free time to read this past weekend. :)

I'm up for another review swap now that I'm done Steel and smoke and Origins thirteen which was a bitch to write. Anyone game?

@whyknotzoidberg I definitely have some time this week (probably more like the weekend) to read/write/review, want to do a swap?

Aight! Anything you want to say before I read yours?

That sounds suspiciously like 'Any last words?'


Lol, your right. I just meant like you want me knowing anything before I go in. That was poor phrasing.

Hmmm, just one thing. I'm considering rewriting my first chapter or maybe removing it and putting pieces of it into later chapters, so I'd appreciate any feedback on it (just a simple keep it or not's fine).

Btw, your previous post did sound intimidating...

Yea, I feel you on the first chapter blues. And I'm sorry about that, it was super poor phrasing. I'm not a Bond villain I promise.