Review trading?

My web serial has 0 reviews and 0 comments. I have no idea what I'm doing right or wrong, and would like some feedback to correct this.

Would anyone be willing to review my serial in exchange for a review from me? I want you to be honest, and you don't have to read the whole thing.

I'll do it, but be prepared for a possible not-great review. It's not likely, but if there are major problems, it's not impossible.

That's fine. I want to be a good writer, not the next E. L. James.

Erm, which of your serials would you like reviewed?

The one in my signature. Link:

Sure, I'll do it. I write Fooled, link is in my signature. I've written a few reviews, I'm a little bit tough. ;)

As soon as you write mine I'll do yours.

Thanks. I'm having trouble getting around to reading today (school, then straight to work), but I will definitely get to it tomorrow.

Also, any questions about how sexual encounters happen can fall into two sentences: they are all huge sluts.

Yeah, asking for reviews here is a great way to get them, as well as just generally interacting in the forum, people will check it out out of curiosity if you engage in the community.