Review update please

I have just posted the final chapter of my novel, An Empire of Law. It has been a long time coming, and I want to thank those who have joined me and read it.

Seeing as it is now finished, I was hoping someone could either write a review of the completed work, or in the case of Gavin or Miladysa could update their older reviews to reflect the new status. Thanks so much!


Hey Allan -- I'll get caught up ASAP and then get to work on revising.

Thanks Gavin! I appreciate it.

So the revision was brief -- the story thus far clearly doesn't have any closure, kind of like The Fellowship of the Ring needs a sequel -- but the story has two strengths -- political intrigue and action/battle. You write the latter enormously well, the former you seem to write too much -- but it can still be very engaging on a cerebral level. I don't know if you feel you've balanced this or need to adjust it -- that's fairly subjective.

Hope that's helpful as a review, without a completely resolved story line I'm still looking forward to more.

Fair enough. I appreciate the update. This novel was very much a "putting the pieces into place" sort of thing. The sequel, when written, will be called An Empire At War and will focus more on the latter.

Sort of like Kill Bill, in reverse. There, you had all the action in movie one and all the plot in movie two. So I guess I should start plotting out AEAW. :)