I was thinking of doing a $5 amazon gift card to a random person that votes for me on top web fiction. They would have to vote, and leave a comment so I could reach them if they won. I just wanted to get some of your opinions on what you think about that?

I do not want to do something that seems dishonest to the web fiction Authors community. But I have noticed that the closer to the top of the top web fiction list I get, the more views I get. I am hoping to maybe gain some loyal readers through the exercise. It simply puts the story in front of a larger audience for a cheap price. (You would all be welcome to enter...)

How are you going to verify the votes?

While I wish there was some way to stop people from bribing their readers for votes, you can't prevent it.

It'll probably work. The money will get the attention of readers who otherwise ignore that call to action, and it'll further incentivize those who regularly vote.

I will have them comment on my home page that they voted. I will track number of comments vs number of votes, and if it is pretty close I will do the reward. If there are no comments I can't even get a hold of the voters. May fail too we shall see.

Paid advertising has its benefits, but I can't help but think you're making this harder on yourself than it needs to be. Now you've got to deliver on a financial transaction and you've filtered out a lot of non-US participants. And I'm not too sure what the end goal is. You're just looking for more readers? As an ego-boost or are you trying to do something with the influx?

The gains are somewhat beyond me and it is is not that big an incentive that would drive non-readers to vote. Like a sports car or something. I do think it's somewhat dishonest, however. Just a feeling.