Riding two horses at once

So I'm currently working on 'Force of Fate', and it's harsh and grim but does matter to me artistically- I'm getting to where I'm starting to resolve things and move towards an ending, though the nature of the ending has been shifting on me.

BUT, one day I started exploring what I'll do next, and it started coming together, and I ended up looking at nearly 2000 words of comic script, done in one sitting, and clearly what the next project will be...

...and stalled in the existing one! D:

I have a buffer and have still been able to update, but anyone else tripped over this one? I'm basically having to wrestle my brain back onto the first one, because it is NOT going to go unfinished. It's like I can't even think about what happens in the subsequent project- and they're in the same damn universe, not totally different worlds.

Anyone else crash and burn if they 'skip ahead'?

sometimes it can help. Sometimes instead of thinking "what happens next," skipping ahead can bring to mind "here's what happened in the past," and then -- boom -- you've got the part you couldn't think up before.

It's hard for me to keep old projects going when I've started something else that is, quite simply, better than what I've written before. Faster, harder and tighter. I'm too tenacious to abandon the old stories but it is a serious challenge when I know I can never bring them up to those freshly-discovered heights.

Yeah, I've run into that issue. Im stuck in both my main stories, and have been working on a webcomic now, and writing scripts for that has helped me, but I still need to hunker down and WRITE the other storys.

For me writing more than one project at a time is a must. Because, for me, writer's block is very, like, paragraph specific. It's just a matter of not being able to articulate a particular image that's in my head and until I work through that block (and circumventing it seems impossible), I'm stuck.

So, instead I will hop onto something else that I'm working on and, generally, while in the course of that work the original problem will sort itself in my subconscious (or where such things do their sorting out). Then I am free to go back to the other project at my leisure.

But sitting and staring at screen trying to force out a scene that just won't come is not something that I am capable of doing. I blame it on being a Gemini (not really... but sort of).

I tend to be all about changing projects when I have writer's block; it helps me feel like less of a failure. But actually trying to post two different projects at once has gotten me in trouble a lot. Back when I was still writing "Alisiyad" (in 2004/2005) and I had been writing it for about three years, I started writing its sequel and had a couple dozen chapters of that written before I was even able to finish "Alisiyad." It ended up helping me finish "Alisiyad," in the long run, because the things I was writing about in the sequel helped me to figure out how I wanted "Alisiyad" to end. I put lots of foreshadowing and setup in that I would not have, had I finished it before ever writing the sequel. Knowing that the story was not totally complete (more like just one volume that was coming to a close) also helped me not be as stressed about tying up every plot point. That's a positive example of riding two horses, but this was back before I started posting anything online, besides sharing drafts via writing groups. (Writing groups are very different from web fiction, as it's all understood that you're sharing works in progress with the intent to get feedback for writing and re-writing, and your readers are coming at it with the intent of helping you rather than as consumers looking to be entertained. Generally with web fiction the content is meant to be read and enjoyed like a finished project, whether or not the full story is complete.)

I've found that when I try to divide my attention between different stories while posting them, both projects suffer. I have tried posting "Dreamers" and "Sidonie" while posting "Queen of Seven" (the aforementioned sequel to "Alisiyad") with varied results. I was able to finish "Dreamers" but the ending was somewhat less good than the beginning and I had to force myself to write it in order not to abandon it; and I felt at the end that I had put myself in the position of having a somewhat lackluster ending or no ending at all.

"Sidonie" keeps going on and off hiatus (currently officially on hiatus again, though it was obvious for a while) and I've decided that "Queen of Seven" needs my full attention or both stories are just going to be crap.