Robert Rodgers, Your Reviews are Amazing!

Just had to say it. Keep going, keep going!

I only have one quibble with you, Robert: make sure you check the character relationships before you list them in the reviews! In addition to the quints v. quads thing in the Dragon Wars review, you said that Tobias was the son of the merchant [Nerses] in my story. Tobias is actually the cousin of Nerses' wife - no direct blood relationship between the two men.

Otherwise, thanks for the review.

Oops; beg your pardon. The quintuplets/quadruplets thing was a case of straightforward word replacement (I knew there were only four siblings, but I mentally switched 'quintuplets' with 'quadruplets'--I tend to switch similar sounding words), but the Tobias/Nerses mistake was a result of just not double-checking before writing the summary. I'd read your work earlier, (capriox), and reskimmed the story while writing the review, but I didn't double-check that particular detail. I'll fix it in the review now (as I only posted it about an hour ago anyway).

I just saw the fix - thanks!